Saturday, March 4, 2017


my love affair with the moon
started way too early
from the balcony of my parents' house
straight to my heart


You're my sweet escape
True love never fades
My guilty pleasure
My aversion and treasure
A beautiful imperfection
Possible deviation
Unmistakable direction


journeys remind me of you
that moment when my heart was broken
in a way that can never be fully repaired
and you were across the ocean
picking up the pieces over sounds and waves

x dianne


Don't you dare wish for chocolates as a symbol of my love
You're already devouring my heart
Is it not enough?


Did you dream of me again last night?
Or are you still hiding in broad daylight?


Bibir masih menguntum senyum
Biarpun luka belum sembuh
Buat hatinya luluh, jiwa merusuh
Arkian segala yang berantakan
Tatkala janji dilupakan
Ditinggal sunyi di satu persimpangan
Kerana manusia itu tegar memaafkan

x dianne


tell me why you are here
when I keep on blasting the fire
aren't you afraid that I have no cure
to all heart breaks so severe
I think I might hurt you again
don't come near, I might cause you pain
brace for thunder but stop waiting in the rain


I am here because you need me
the fire won't hurt, nor will your tears on me
there is no treatment to my scar
might turn purple, like a dense blazingstar
it's okay, you can fall baby, I'll catch you
don't worry, I know what I'm getting myself into
I'll brace for the thunder because I love you

Sunday, January 29, 2017

My Sunday

Are you the Sunday who came to love endlessly,
or are you the Sunday who saw the pain that has been breaking me?
Will you bring me the most memorable week ahead,
or will you chase me down to repeat everything that has been said?
I can't predict my future
but I know for sure
you won't disappoint even if you keep on trying harder
you don't have the power
to bring me down lower
because where I stand now is where I want to be
Dear Sunday, I think we can do this together - can we?

x dianne

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

La La Land (ii)

I miss the things we created together
The secrets we shared with each other
The joy of looking into your sleepy eyes
Staying up until the sunrise
Finding reasons til we were out of excuses
When we both know all of it were useless
We didn't need to hide the feelings
We swore to have the happy endings
So we said goodbye when we didn't have to
Praying that was the right thing to do
Letting go the future we were scared of
Not knowing it was a real love

x d

La La Land (i)

the could-have-beens
the beautiful memories
the temporary happiness
the subtlety at its finest
the untimely separation
the swirl and twirl of emotions
the reference like it was yesterday
the spark of hope in between rays
the question, what would we find
the wonder, what if i stayed behind

x d